#13for2013 – #5!

I was meant to publish this on Wednesday, then Thursday and then definitely Friday…. Well it is still Friday, just, and I apologise in advance to those of you who organised your recreational activities around the enormous reveal that is the May #13for2013 mixtape theme.

The theme is…..obviously, ‘Opposites Attract’ and although Paula Abdul will hopefully not feature, you can never be sure. An animated feline in dungarees is optional.

As usual, we’d like a dozen songs that convey the idea of opposites working together in maybe, perfect harmony. Maybe not.

Of course this can be interpreted in several ways which has been the beauty of the previous four themes. Whether it is Michael Jackson – Black and White, 6 x opposing couplets, pairs of songs that are musically opposed, artists that are contrasts of each other, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

You have a month, and remember to tweet your efforts with #13for2013 and the brilliant @13for2013 (get following!) bot created by Paul Sturgess will do its best to propel your efforts to the wider world.

That’s enough, get cracking….and don’t forget to share your stuff and encourage anyone you think might be keen to get involved, it’s not too late.

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9 Responses to #13for2013 – #5!

  1. alandooney says:

    This is tough but think I’ve got the route I want to go down… Now about finding the right songs!

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